Complaints and returns

General information

Withdrawal from the contract and Complaints of goods

You have 30 days to withdraw from the contract.
Not satisfied with our products or was it an inappropriate gift? Fill in the complaint form and please state the reason why you decided to return the goods. Every feedback is essential for us and will help us improve.


We do not exchange goods. If you do not have the size and you wish to order a product in a different size, fill out our complaint form and create a new order. If the required size is in stock, we will ship the goods to you immediately
We will return the money for the original order to your account, no later than within 14 days of receiving the complaint.


If you need advice on complaints, contact us by email at shop@fckthem.com or by telephone during working hours.

How should I proceed?

Prepare your order number and IBAN account number.

We are in favor of saving paper and protecting the environment, so our complaint process is exclusively in digital form.

Start the complaint process

Basic principles of complaints and exchange of goods

  • We do not accept complaints if the error was caused by incorrect use, resp. which is in conflict with the instructions for use
  • We do not accept complaints if the error was caused by mechanical damage (breakage, breakage, scratching, tearing, cracking, etc.)
  • The seller is responsible for errors that the goods have when taken over by the buyer, or that occur during the warranty period.